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Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang included in the 2017 Thinkers50 rankings of the "world's mot influential management thinkers"

Dr. Anil Gupta will attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Jan. 23-26, 2018, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

Harvard Business Review

Prospects for Emerging Markets Aren’t As Bad As You’ve Heard

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang,, December 3, 2015

It’s obvious that emerging markets are facing severe headwinds. 2015 will be the fifth consecutive year of slowing economic growth. However, today’s events are not necessarily a good guide to longer-term trends. In analyzing the trajectory of emerging markets, it’s critical to look at the broader context in at least two ways……

Why Xiaomi Can’t Succeed Without India

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang, , June 29, 2015

Just five years after its launch, Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has become the world’s most valuable startup. Its market value of $46 billion (as of June 2015) is larger than that of Uber, Snapchat, or even Palantir…..

China Can’t Be A Global Leader Unless It Does These Three Things

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang,, November 8, 2013

When the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee wraps up the Third Plenum on November 12, 2014, a shift from efficiency to innovation will likely be one of the major planks in its vision for China. The government’s imperatives are clear.…..

Beat the Odds in Cross-Border Joint Ventures

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang, , October 9, 2013

It’s proving to be an eventful year for AirAsia, the Kuala Lumpur-based airline that has emerged as Asia’s most successful low-cost carrier in recent times. The last 12 months have seen the collapse of AirAsia Japan, a once-promising joint venture between AirAsia and Japan’s ANA, and the birth of AirAsia India, an alliance between the company and India’s Tata Group.…..

Coping with Change in Emerging Markets

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang, , July 25, 2013

In 2000, Chrysler’s then president, James Holden, traveled to India to study the market. Upon returning to Detroit, he summarized his visit with the remark: “Call me when (India has) built some roads,” according to Forbes correspondent Robyn Meredith in her 2007 book The Elephant and the Dragon..…..

At Multinationals, Country CEOs Should be Both Local and Global

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang, , September 21, 2012

If you’re among the many multinational CEOs planning to appoint a local executive as your next country head in an emerging market such as Brazil, China, or India, you may want to think again……..

Think Global, Not Emerging Markets, Century

By Anil K. Gupta & Haiyan Wang,, May 2, 2011

Nokia’s recent burning platform travails serve as an object lesson to companies trying to navigate a rapidly-changing global economy. As multinational corporations pursue opportunities in emerging markets, they’re bound to stumble if they overlook the developed economies, and vice versa. Without operating in the former, they won’t be able to attain economies of scale; sans the latter, they’re unlikely to continue developing state-of-the-art technologies…..